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While unjamming paper and shaking the toner bottle, we have some of the most meaningful, important, and humorous conversations with our colleagues. Check back here for weekly Copy Room Convos! I want to hear your thoughts on this week's topic.

Grades: What should really determine a student's final grade?

This week in the copy room I ran into a fellow ELAR teacher. We were discussing the finalization of second semester grades. She shared she struggled sometimes (like we all do!) with what a final grade or progress report actually reflects. What should it reflect? Here's the point for you to ponder: Should grades be only determined by mastery through completed formative and summative assessments, or should work habits and daily work quality also be reflected? When a student consistently is penalized for late or missing work, his/her grade might not be a reflection of mastery, but rather a result of poor work habits. On the other hand, are work and personal habits a part of mastery? Are grades a part of the whole child or simply a reflection of knowledge? Do work habits have a place in final grade determination? What do you think? Sound off in the comment section.

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