I can't live without these resources!

Guess what! If you are an educator, you teach writing. I don't care if English isn't your content area. History. Science. Technology. Robotics. Foreign Language. And, yes, even Math. We all "teach" writing! Each of these courses incorporates drafting and communicating through written responses into its curriculum. We live in a world of writing across all content areas. However, finding amazing writing professional resources can be harder than finding a parking spot at The Mall of America on Christmas Eve. Today, I want to share an author I found that makes writing (wait for it!) enjoyable for both the teacher and the students. I have yet to find an idea in her books that I couldn't tweak to my classroom needs. More importantly, my students have eaten up every single activity she's suggested. Get these resources! Make them your own. I've provided you one activity I've adapted from her books that I use in my own classroom. It's designed to provide students additional practice and focus in close reading a text as both a reader and writer, which is a necessity to grow writers of all ages. This lesson encourages analysis of writing style, diction, tone, mood, purpose, syntax, and more! My students can always use more help in these skills, and I'm betting yours also can. Enjoy!

Here it is! It's a valuable addition to my classroom's Readers/Writers Workshop: Check me out!

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