Giving Students Voice and Choice through Student-Led Book Talks

As a middle school ELAR teacher, I am passionate about reading and writing. My own husband, children, and probably even the family dog can attest to that. And I am pretty sure Visa and Amazon would agree given my book hoarding tendencies! Most importantly, my students would back up that statement. :) 

Naturally, that passion extends to my commitment to providing students with the skills they need to be effective, powerful, and purposeful readers and writers. Book Talks have long had a place in my teacher tool bag as I encourage students to consume all genres of text, but recently the way I'm facilitating Book Talks has changed. In my efforts to be more student-centered in my lesson designing, I am implementing student-led book talks. On Wednesday, I'll be lucky enough to share some ideas with the TAGT annual conference attendees to help them do the same. If you are attending the Fort Worth event, please stop by and visit my roundtable discussion. I'd love to hear what you are doing with your classroom Book Talks!

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